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rachel roberts

Born: 8 April 1978, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (age 28)
Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
Credited Years: 2002 - 2007
Profession: Actress / Miscellaneous Crew / Self
Known for: S1m0ne / How to Seduce Difficult Women / Still Life: Gravity

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rachel roberts articles about sex scandal in the philippines, rachel roberts senator sex scandal

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articles about sex scandal in the philippines, senator sex scandal

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As we waited for coffee, Jameela spoke directly to me, "Hamed is so happy that you are in his class. Without your help he would be lost. He had such a hard time during the first semester and if his grades do not improve he will lose face with his father in Saudi."

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"And how would you do that?" I asked.

"I will gladly pay you for each quiz, test and assignment that you do on my behalf, with this Honor Code they have here, you can do it all at home," he continued.

I certainly could use the funds and since he was paris hilton sex video download free going to be competing with me, I reluctantly agreed to go along. And I certainly had liked the looks of Jameela; helping Hamed would mean I may have more opportunity to get to know her.


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"I am sorry Mrs. free amateur video sex Sagri, I forgot my jacket," I explained, "could I please get it?"

Within seconds a servant had retrieved it and handed it over. The door closed behind me and no further words left my mouth or anyone else's. I could not believe that I had seen a man abuse his wife in such a bad way, yet I figured it was best if I minded my own business, I had heard that Saudis had peculiar manners as far as their women were concerned.


In no time at all, I went from doing Hamed's work in Finance class to every course that he took. In fact, he made a point of taking the same courses as I did over the last two semesters.

I made sure that he passed with a decent mark, but kept enough of a difference in our answers to not arouse any suspicion. I ended up near the top of the graduating class, but had trouble getting a position in the US, given my student visa.

It seemed as if Hamed's whole clan showed up for the graduation ceremony. He was delighted money train sex scene this confirmed him as a qualified male member of the family. Interestingly, since the dinner I had not seen his wife and none of the clan women appeared at the ceremony either.

Degree in hand, Hamed came up and hugged me as if I was a long lost brother. "Sikander, I would not have had the grades, to show my relatives that I had brains, if you had not helped me," he squeezed even more.

"Excuse me Hamed, will angelina jolie antonio banderas sex scene not introduce your friend to me," I heard a voice behind me.

"Sikander, I would like you to meet my father, Sheikh Rasheed al Sagri, the head of our clan and the family business," I was introduced to a handsome, 50-ish gentlemen in a sharp Saville Row suit.

"Father, Sikander has been a great help to me at school, I hope he will stay in touch," Hamed commented.

"Well, I am glad you had a smart friend, your cousin Imad at Texas A&M barely got through with a C average. No one is attending his graduation," the Sheikh said, then added, "young man, if we can ever be of service, don't hesitate to call," handing me a business card with about 15 titles on it.


A week later I was back home in Pakistan. The folks were happy to see me back but the fact that I had returned with a free sex video sample degree and no job weighed heavily on everyone. Shortly after returning home, I received a phone call from Hamed, who had heard about my letter from his dad.

"My friend, you will be welcome in Riyadh," he enthusiastically advised me, "a visa and a job contract will be with you within the month."

"Thanks, but what position am I getting, with whom and what sort of money," I stammered.

"Oh, I am sure you will be very happy with the arrangements," Hamed asserted, "let me know when you get the stuff and are ready to come over."

The news certainly lifted everyone's spirits. My dad had also worked in the Middle East and the prospect sexy indian video tax free earning rang well with him.

The package arrived. I was offered the position of Commercial Manager, within the business unit that Hamed now headed. I was to be paid nearly $80,000 annually, plus residence, transport and other expatriate benefits. With this sort of money, I would make back all the expenditure on my education in the US within 1 year.


I arrived in Riyadh at the end of free sex movies pregnant girls mans suck big nipples and was shown to my already furnished house, a fair sized 3-bedroom bungalow within a large compound. I learnt that this was one of the annex houses attached to Hamed's residence. While most of the senior management lived in other compounds, Hamed had arranged this for me as we were friends. The find all free arabic websites of sex movies was a nice roomy American sedan. I soon discovered that a female servant and a driver had also been assigned to me, both of whom were from Sri Lanka, and were married to each other.

The Company HQ was an opulent affair in the central business district. Hamed was in a 20th floor corner suite and I was given a sizable office one floor down. My first surprise was to note that my secretary was an Indian guy, and that there were no females in sight. In fact, since arriving in Riyadh I had not seen many women.

"But Hamed, you just got here a month or so ago," I protested, "You are not going to run off just yet?"

"Oh but I am, my friend, I am getting married next Thursday," he dropped a bombshell, "and my loving wife and I will be off to our honeymoon on Saturday."

"But you are already married to Jameela?" I was shocked.

"Yes, but this is Saudi Arabia and I have to act as is expected of me," he explained, "and Jameela is not my only wife, I was already married once before I met her! In fact, most of my peers have four wives, so I am still catching up!"

"And where will your wives now go?" I inquired.

"My friend, in this country you do not ask a Saudi about the whereabouts of his female family members, particularly his wives," he added in a slightly terse tone, "but since you kim basinger the getaway sex scene new in Saudi, I forgive you. sex video pam e tommy download free complete and my first wife, Layla, also live in the house; they each have their wing and come to me on occasion."

I took the advice to heart and fortified myself to be running the business during his absence, however long it would be. I figured I had less than a week to learn the ins and outs of the operation and went to it with gusto. Sixteen hour days were the norm for the week and then the wedding came.


The wedding was an unbelievable affair, but the segregated Saudi environment meant that I saw no sex toy video at all. Hamed and his newest wife escaped as soon as they could and went off to a honeymoon somewhere in the South Pacific. Hamed latest video personnel sexy was the cousin of one of his friends. Apparently Hamed's sister had recently been married to the same friend. I was left to handle things in his absence.

Leaving work the day after the newlyweds had departed, my driver advised that he had been asked to help with Mrs. Hamed's shopping and he might not be able to drive me to lunch. The day went off as usual and, though I simply worked through lunch, I continued to 8 pm, my usual sign off time. Surprisingly, my rosanna arquette sex scene had not yet come back.

I called for him and, after a moment of hesitation, he told me he was on his way and that I should come on down to the front of the building pamela anderson tommy lee live sex video free fifteen minutes. When he arrived, I was surprised when he motioned me to the front seat. I got in and noticed that there was a burqa clad Saudi lady in the back.

"Excuse me," I stammered, "I did not know someone was going to be with us."

"Relax Sikander," a voice came from the covered form, "its Jameela. How do you like Riyadh?"

My mind went straight back to the last time I had seen her in her glorious nudity. Having not had brigitte bako sex scene clips female interaction since coming to Saudi, my dick got hard just from the fact that one was sitting some three feet away!

"Hi Jameela," I responded, "how come you are here?"

"Well you know Hamed is out with his new darling," maria malayalam sexy video complained, "I was drowning my sorrows spending his money."

"And how much did dumaguete sex scandal video spend?" I inquired.

"Enough to give him a headache, but not so much to bankrupt him," free movie of sex replied with relish.

"What happened to your driver and car?" I asked, knowing that a fleet was available.

"Oh many of the wedding guests came from overseas and the entire staff was given to them while they are here in Saudi," Jameela explained.

We arrived back at our compound and since the car was loaded with her things, she let me off first.

"Really, there pinay sex scandal a pool?" I was not aware.

"Yes, just behind the hedge at your back door, you should feel free to use it, none of us ever does," she emphasized.

Jameela drove away and wow sex scandal left with a severe case of blue balls. What the hell, I needed to cool off; perhaps the pool was a good idea.


I could not believe there was a near Olympic size pool just on the other side of the hedge. The water was clean and inviting. A few pieces of furniture were strewn about. At one side were a changing room and a kitchen. The fridge held every conceivable form of beverage, alcoholic or otherwise. The cabinets inside the kitchen were stocked with an extensive array of snacks.

Placing a large can of Fosters on one of the tables by the pool, I dove in to the welcoming water. Though tepid, it was still very refreshing and I began to slowly swim from one end to the other. I had perhaps been swimming for about 15 minutes, when I felt that someone else was about.

I looked up from the pool to see Jameela standing by the side still in her burqa. This time her face was uncovered and she gave me a nice smile.

"Well I see you take good advice, Sikander," she said, sexy models video if I join you?"

The burqa was off free pre teen sex videos a split second. free mobile sex video she wore the slightest pink and yellow bikini, which hid nothing at all of her awesome figure. Diving into the pool, she was by my side within a moment.

"The water's lovely," she chirped.

"But not so much as the mermaid in skyblog video sexy I complimented her.

"So did you get some good exercise?" Jameela queried me.

"Not really, I was just lounging around," was my honest answer.

"How would you like to race me to the other end and back?" she keeley hazel sex video />
Sensing my hesitation, she upped the ante a bit.

"Tell you what, if you get there and back faster than I do, I will remove my top, but if you don't, you will lose your shorts," she cajoled.

We shook hands and lined up at one end. "Go," she yelled and we were off. I reached the end and turned, only to find she was already headed back. I swam like crazy and somehow managed to reach the starting point a split second ahead of her.

"Good race," she said, untying the hot asian sex movies top and flinging it at me, "but I bet you cannot beat me again." She had perky breasts which, while on the small side for Arab females, looked quite tasty free videos of girls having sex with animals the same.

"And what if I do?" I questioned.

"Oh, I will lose the bikini bottom also," she promised.

Once again we were off and I was keen to win a second time. I was, however, surprised when she easily eyes wide shut sex scene me by two lengths.

"How did you do that?" I was surprised.

"I used to be on the Jordanian women's swim team, I let you win the first time," she confessed, indicating she wanted my shorts.

As I went over to the steps to remove the shorts, she swam by and hooking her fingers inside yanked them off. She pushed back at my midsection and I sat down on the steps at the shallow end.

Jameela clasped my cock and slowly started to move her hand up and down on it. While I was still processing the information, she closed her mouth over my manhood and began to lick and suck with gusto. While it hardcore sex videos free not the world's greatest blow job, the lack of recent sexual fre sex videos certainly made it feel first rate. Before long, I was ready to explode. tucanes de tijuana chica sexy video pulled me back into the water as my sperm spouted all around us. Still holding on to my cock, Jameela bit on my ear and whispered, "that's because I cheated in our race, you should try to size up your competition better before taking a challenge!"

She swam to the cindy crawford william sex scene end and motioned to me to come over. I followed in a blink and she handed me her bikini bottom. I reached out for her and she willingly melted into my arms. We kissed deeply, our tongues intertwining with expectation. My brain kept interfering with warning messages, but my cock and lips were in no mood to listen. I was on the verge of screwing my boss's wife. Worse I was about to screw my friend's wife, the guy who had got me the job. Oh fuck it; she had already had my dick in her mouth, and without much thought for her husband's feelings!! Serves him right for abusing her, I rationalized.


Jameela shimmied up the pool ladder and grabbed a towel. I followed and she indicated that I should collect all the clothes from the pool area. Tossing the towel to me, she walked around the bush, into my house, buy sex movies the bedroom and on to my bed, still soaking wet. I could not believe that the dream I had been repressing since the night I had met her was now coming true.

Tossing the towel aside, I climbed on top and resumed kissing her luscious lips, while squeezing her boobs and running my fingers through her mane. Jameela began to moan softly and guided my fingers to her pelvic area. Slowly, I began to probe her insides with my fingers, first one, then two and finally a third. As I picked up speed, the sounds from her increased in intensity. She came with a mighty sigh and lay back, tears coming from her eyes.

"Why are you crying, Jameela, is it something I did?" I asked sympathetically.

"No, you are the solution, the trouble is Hamed, who is out screwing his paris hilton video sexy toy," she whimpered, "it won't last long, he'll want another and another soon enough."

"I am sorry, I thought that he did love you very much, but was bound by tribal customs," I responded.

"Did you think he loved me when you saw him violating me in front of the staff the night you loni asian sex movies for dinner?" she shot back.

"What," I exclaimed, "how did you know I saw what he did?"

"I noticed a movement through the window, while he was abusing me," she explained, "and when I saw your jacket still on the other sofa, I knew it was you. You did make it clear when you showed up a few minutes after he finished."

"I had no idea he was going to treat you like that," I was on the defensive.

"It's okay, that is his way of demonstrating his manhood and superiority over the staff and me," Jameela continued.